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We checked up with the Lizzy James media team to see just how each Instagram post gets curated. Jonah Levine, resident video and photo guru, answered a few of our questions regarding content creation.

Lizzy James bloggers: How do you decide which pieces to feature in photos and videos?

Jonah Levine: I think it really depends on what we’re lacking style wise. For instance, if we know it’s going to be sunny on a Monday, and it’s a Friday, we’ll do our best to shoot for that vibe. On a sunny day, we might want to show the June or the Summer, or even the Lizzy Classic, to really play on that feeling.

Lizzy James bloggers: Totally. As far as Instagram goes, where do you think the value of video lies?

Jonah Levine: I think video is key. There is nothing that is more effective than showing someone a scenario that they want for themselves. I think video is a better medium than photos, especially in fashion. You can really see how a piece sits on someone’s wrist with movement, rather than in a still.

LJB: But as a photographer yourself, photos must play a huge part in your day to day life. Do you prefer Lizzy James shoots with a more creative and artistic feel, or shooting for studio purposes?

JL: I like shooting for studio purposes because you really get to show the beauty and detail of the pieces.

LJB: A lot of the videos have a more artistic feel as well. What was it like shooting the Dragonfly and Versatility Pt. 1?

JL: Versatility was one of the first videos I shot for Lizzy James two years ago. It also happens to be our best performing videos views wise at almost 50,000 right now. A lot of our other videos, like the Dragonfly, have gained a lot of traction very quickly. I think it’s about relating to the customer. Less sales, more jewelry.

LJB: That’s a great point you make. Our minute is coming to a close, but thank you so much for joining us today!

JL: Anytime!

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