Behind the Scenes of @lizzyjamesinc pt. 2!

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In case you didn't catch our earlier post, here's a little back story. On Tuesday, the guys at Analog Media Productions (our resident video wizards) and I headed over to the Crosby country club in Rancho Santa Fe to see what goes on behind the scenes of the @lizzyjamesinc. Jonah (from Analog) and I run the @officiallizzyjamesinc Instagram, so it was really interesting to see how the other Instagram's photos are taken and curated. 

Just in case some of you wonderful readers are new to the LJ, I'll fill you in on our Instagram world. Here at Lizzy James, we have two Instagram accounts. One for style inspiration shots featuring jewelry close-ups (@lizzyjamesinc), and one the focuses on lifestyle photos, behind the scenes content, and a youthful vibe (@officiallizzyjamesstudio). 

Keep scrolling for behind the scenes photos from the shoot day, as well as more insider information as to what goes on behind the scenes! 

Analog Media co-founder Alex takes video shots of stylist Heidi capturing the model on camera! 

Sony a7sii in action 

We are absolutely loving the warm tones of LJ goldplate pieces in at Lizzy James right now! The color is perfect for summer. 

Alex in the zone! 

The flowers at the Crosby are gorgeous! Nothing better than white roses :)

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