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Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer Spray - Fragrance Free (6 Pack)

  • $ 46.00
Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer Spray - Fragrance Free (6 Pack)

Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer Spray - Fragrance Free (6 Pack)

Hand Sanitizer - Fragrance Free

  • 99.9% effective against most germs
  • Exceeds WHO & CDC recommended requirements
  • Contains moisturizer to reduce dry hands
  • 75% alcohol
  • Cruelty free

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75% Isopropranol, water, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin. Six 2 oz spray bottle.


- ALL Lizzy James sanitizers contain alcohol content of 75%.

WHO and CDC recommend that alcohol content exceed 60%. Many sanitizers contain significantly less than 60%, and will not help prevent COVID19. If your sanitizer does not state explicitly the alcohol content, do not buy it. 

- Lizzy James sanitizers include a moisturizer to reduce or prevent drying of the skin.

Many hand sanitizers do not, which accelerates dry skin.

- Lizzy James sanitizers do not contain preservatives or coloring agents.

Many sanitizers are made with coloring agents & preservatives. These are of no therapeutic benefit to the user.

- Lizzy James is registered with the FDA.

Hand crafted in small batches in our San Diego studio.


Many sanitizers are manufactured overseas and do not follow FDA, CDC or WHO guidelines.

Shipping and Return Policy:

Due to the perishable nature of our soaps and sanitizers we do not accept returns and exchanges. International shipping not available.