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16 oz Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer Spray

  • $ 59.00
16oz ECONOMY SIZE Bulgarian Lavender Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer Spray 75% alcohol with essential oil 100% icon

16oz ECONOMY SIZE Bulgarian Lavender Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer Spray 75% alcohol with essential oil 100% icon

Hand Sanitizer with Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oils

  • 99.9% effective against most germs
  • Exceeds WHO & CDC recommended requirements
  • Contains moisturizer to reduce dry hands
  • 75% alcohol
  • Cruelty free
  • Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil scented

This is the choice of most aromatherapists.  Especially if you’re looking for a rich lavender floral scent that is a little fruitier and mellower, and with less of a camphoraceous smell. This one smells more like fresh lavender and is considered the "cream of the crop" when it comes to lavender.


1 - 16 oz spray bottle 


75% Isopropranol, water, hydrogen peroxide, Bulgarian Lavender essential oil, glycerin

**Important Note Regarding Hand Sanitizers - - Not All Sanitizers Are Equal**

- ALL Lizzy James sanitizers contain alcohol content of 75%.

WHO and CDC recommend that alcohol content exceed 60%. Many sanitizers contain significantly less than 60%, and will not help prevent COVID19. If your sanitizer does not state explicitly the alcohol content, do not buy it. 

- Lizzy James sanitizers include a moisturizer to reduce or prevent drying of the skin.

Many hand sanitizers do not, which accelerates dry skin.

- Lizzy James sanitizers do not contain preservatives or coloring agents.

Many sanitizers are made with coloring agents & preservatives. These are of no therapeutic benefit to the user. They are only of visual benefit to the manufacturer or retailer.

- Lizzy James sanitizers contain ONLY 100% essential oils (therapeutic grade / medical grade).

- Lizzy James is registered with the FDA.

Hand crafted in small batches in our San Diego studio.

made in the USA

Many sanitizers are manufactured overseas.

Shipping and Return Policy:

Due to the perishable nature of our soaps and sanitizers we are currently not accepting returns and exchanges. International shipping not available.

  • Not available for international shipping
  • Promos codes and discount codes are not applicable