Lifestyler Application

Join the Lizzy James LifeStyler Team
Earn cash, Take a trip to Lizzy James studios in San Diego, Win prizes, Have fun, and get Lizzy James jewelry FREE.
We are currently limiting this opportunity to 10 talented passionate & inspiring women.

Lizzy James Lifestyle program

Lizzy LifeStylist Benefits

  • Top LifeStylers will be eligible to win a trip to Lizzy James studios in San Diego
  • Earn cash by referring special discounted Lizzy James offers to friends & followers
  • Get free Lizzy James products for you to wear – in exchange for posting them on your social media accounts*
  • Obtain early access to Lizzy James new releases and be able to share with your followers*
  • Earn Lizzy Loot or gift certificates when completing LifeStyler activities allowing you to purchase additional Lizzy James products
  • Be featured on the Lizzy James website, Instagram & Facebook pages

Lizzy LifeStyler Expectations

  • Post comments, create awesome videos, snap amazing images for posting on your social media pages weekly.
  • Create fun and inspiring ‘unboxing’ videos about new Lizzy James products that you receive.
  • Create your own style videos or images of different ways that you like to style Lizzy James pieces.
  • Create a video on how to put Lizzy James jewelry on yourself or a friend.
  • Participate in fun and rewarding contests where you and your followers win through commenting, posting, reposting about Lizzy James.

Criteria for Acceptance

  • Must have an active & engaged social media presence
  • Align with our core values of charitable giving
  • Must have the time and skill to post and disseminate images and videos on social media
  • No existing commitment with other competing jewelry brands
Please fill out the following application. We anticipate responding within 3-5 days of receipt of your application.