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Room Freshener - Cozy Cinnamon with Essential Oils (2 pack)

  • $ 20.00
2 - 4 oz bottles Room Freshener - Cozy Cinnamon essential oil

2 - 4 oz bottles Room Freshener - Cozy Cinnamon essential oil

This luxurious air freshener spray is unlike any other! Spray it around the room and add a little spice to your favorite hangout spots. Infused with Cinnamon Essential Oil, its aroma promotes better sleep. 

  • 100% pure essential oils
  • Cruelty free and Made in the USA
  • No chemicals, preservatives, or synthetic oils or colors
  • No Sulfates, Parabens or SLS



    Cozy Cinnamon - 100% Pure Essential Oils - Cinnamon, Geranium, Clary, Vanilla Extract, Distilled Water, Ethyl Alcohol. Two 4 oz spray bottles.

    Hand crafted in small batches in our San Diego studio.

    Shipping and Return Policy:

    Due to the organic nature of our skincare products we do not accepting returns and exchanges. International shipping not available.  Bottle shape/color may vary from image