Are there special care instructions?

  • Yes!  Please do not wear your jewelry in water.  Please remove your Lizzy James jewelry before bathing, swimming, hot yoga class, exercise etc.  And as much as you may love them, please don’t shower with them! 
  • Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or hair products.
  • Do not polish goldplate or silverplate, and do not use any jewelry cleaner, as this will accelerate the wearing away of the anti-tarnish coating and the plating.
  • Use a soft cloth to polish. When you are not wearing it, put it in a pouch.

Can I wear my Lizzy Wrap every day?

  • We know you're going to LOVE your Lizzy wrap and will want to wear it everyday.
  • Just like your favorite pair of shoes, or your favorite t-shirt, you should allow your wrap to have periods of non-wear. This will help lengthen the life of your bracelet and will keep it looking fabulous for as long as possible.
  • The silver plate crescents will not tarnish or turn black, but they will patina over time. 

Care suggestions while traveling:

  • Use a soft fabric pouch if you don’t have enough room for a jewelry box with a hard exterior.
  • Jewelry should be stored in a dry place away from humidity, moisture and extreme temperatures. So if you have jewelry sitting next to your bathroom sink, consider moving it to another room.

Alterations to Lizzy Wraps:

  • Any alterations that you make to your Lizzy wrap - other than use of overhand knots for a snug fit - invalidates our warranty.