How do I shorten my wrap bracelet?

  • Make an overhand knot on either end of the bracelet next to the existing knot. This will take in some of the slack from being too loose.
  • Click HERE to see a video demonstration:
  • Wear it higher up on your wrist (closer to your forearm), above your watch or another bracelet. That part of your arm is a bit bigger then your wrist, making it fit better. 
  • When wrapping your bracelet around your wrist, you can take one of the ends and criss cross, or tuck it, underneath one of the wraps to take up some of the slack.

How do I find my size?

Can I order special custom sizes?

  • Yes! We are proud that our bracelets are custom and handmade for every wrist size.
  • Our sizes fit the smallest wrist (size Tiny) to the largest wrist (size XXXLarge). Most women wear size Small & Medium. 
  • Several sizes may fit one person, depending on how you like to wear it. Some women like it tighter (like a cuff), but most prefer it looser (like a bangle).

How long are the necklaces?

  • The Small and Medium sizes of our necklaces, that are also bracelets, (which are the size requests of 95% of our customers) are 19-23 inches in length for the majority of our styles.
  • Our longer necklaces (e.g. Infinity, Boho Long, Annie Long, Ginger Long, Jessie Long) are approximately 35 inches in length.

The beads or crescents fall to the bottom under my wrist. What can I do?

  • Spread out all the beads and crescents along the leather before putting it on your wrist.
  • If it still happens after spreading them out, then chances are you ordered a size too large for your wrist.  Consider an exchange or one of the suggestions above to shorten your bracelet.