Testimonials From Our Customers

"I LOVE my first Lizzy James wrap!
I so worried about size but had faith that ya'll would know what you were talking about and indeed you do!
It's perfect and I'm so pleased (I wish there were other types of exclamation marks!)!!!
Thank you so much -
the quality is excellent and it looks and feels great!"
~Melissa H
"Hi, I received my 7th piece of LJ yesterday.
Went to dinner wearing 3 bracelets, a anklet, a watch, a ring and a pair of earrings.
Looked great, love it all and received lots of compliments.
Going to order a choker today. Love LJ jewelry!!!!!"
~Lisa M
"I would also like to tell y’all I got my first Lizzy James and it was an anklet.. I absolutely love it!!!
Then I received a bracelet and a pair of earrings for my birthday and now I’m so excited!!!
Everywhere I go I get compliments on my bracelets and earrings.
They can be dressed up or casual with jeans, tennis shoes and a baggy sweater and make me feel like a million bucks....
Outstanding craftsmanship...
Thanks a million" 
~Rhonda Reneau
"I was extremely satisfied with the necklace I also ordered.
It was exactly what I thought it would be.
The fit was perfect and I liked the minimalist look.
Shopping on line is still taking a chance.
I will definitely invest in one of your bracelets.
Thank you for being concerned that I was not 100% satisfied.
~Barbara Wolf
"I moved here from Boston five years ago, and purchased my Lizzy James wrap bracelet at the La Jolla Art+Wine festival in October 2013.
Your booth drew the biggest crowd, and I was curious to see what all of the excitement was about!
Obviously, your business has taken off and I applaud your success.
I continue to get compliments every time I wear my wrap. It is timeless."
~Patti D
Wow! I received my bracelet for my sister the day before Christmas!
Perfect timing, and I really appreciate the fast and courteous service.
You are awesome!
The bracelet is beautiful and it fits my sisters wrist perfectly.
She has the smallest wrist and yours fit perfectly!
Thanks again for everything,"
~Yvonne Gordon
"Hi to everyone at LJD and Elizabeth-
I wanted to Thank you for listening to my suggestions.
I am really excited and LOVE the NEW JOY Line you recently added.
These bracelets are just what I was looking for and couldn't find anywhere!!
These are perfect for my very small wrist and they are a lot less complicated
then the wrap around style.
I cant tell you what it means to me to have someone listen to my suggestions and then
to see them on your website!! WOW!!
I know the New JOY Line will be a huge success!!
I can't wait to see more new designs in the JOY Line.
Thanks Again -"
~Shannon U
"This is my third purchase from you.
I love your creations.
I could not be happier with each and every one I get.
Every time I wear one of your bracelets I get compliments .
Thank you for quality and beauty of your products."
~Cindy D
"Hello. I recently purchased a Lizzy James bracelet and love it.
It is a staple accessory in my wardrobe.
As I was perusing your website, or should I say shopping on the site, I came across your charitable donations page.
Impressive! I was truly touched to see how much you give back to the community and to organizations that make a difference.
Of course, I would be be remiss if I did not thank you for supporting the MS Society as I live with MS.
It is businesses like LJ that bring awareness to issues simply by showing their support and letting their customer base know that their products support a myriad of causes.
So, thank you for caring and for all you do to give back. Businesses like Lizzy James makes the world a better place."
~Terrie D-C
"Just wanted to let you know that my bracelet is perfect.
I wear it all the time. I really like the sizing choices.
With a smaller wrist, I have the perfect fit!
I feel confident that future purchases will also be just right!"
~Bev B
"I have just received my mini friendship bracelet, and I love it!
It is just what I had hoped for -absolutely beautiful, gorgeous design and color (natural pacific),
beautifully made, I will be wearing this forever,
so happy with this beautiful piece that you've created!" 
~Carolyn L
"I love to wear layered bracelets, and have many varieties.
When I saw Lizzy James I liked them instantly.
I ordered one as an experiment to see how they would hold up with daily wear of 15 hours a day.
Also, I added up the cost of all the $10 bracelets I bought the year prior to LJ, that don't stay looking nice very long.
Result? LJ held up to wear, and the money spent on LJ is a bargain.
I will be buying more!"
~PB Ward
"Dear Shierie and everyone at Lizzy James,
I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service.
I ordered the Iris bracelet with additional charms for a birthday present.
Unfortunately after I ordered it I realized I would need it sooner than originally anticipated.
Everyone was friendly, did everything they could to accommodate me and ensure I received the Iris bracelet I ordered in time.
The bracelet is absolutely fabulous and the recipient as well as many other people loved the bracelet.
Thank you again for a wonderful experience and a great product! I will definitely be telling everyone about Lizzy James"
~Michelle M
"I recently received the Mini Addison Braided Wrap in Silver as a birthday gift from a good friend.
Let me just say how thrilled I was to get my first Lizzy James!
Not only is the bracelet absolutely gorgeous and so well made, the packaging and personalized gift card made it just that much better.
Thank you so much for helping make my birthday a memorable day."
~Tammy C
"Thank you so much for the beautiful bracelet! It fits perfect!
I can not tell you how much I appreciate the fabulous service by exchanging my other bracelet!
I have told everyone I know about your fantastic product and the service is amazing!
I will be ordering again for myself and gifts, too!
You are the best...thanks isn't enough for all you have done for me!"
~Debbie T
"Welp...this is PROBABLY STRANGE...BUT I PUT IT ON AND WORE IT LAST NIGHT & TODAY, around the house...
and FELL IN LOVE❤️🤷‍♀️...don't want to exchange...will probably order another👌😉! So so glad I gave it more chances!
Not sure exactly when I decided it was "me"...but, I did notice:
1) it was so light, felt like I wasn't even wearing anything
2) I honestly loved the design, a very intricate, yet simple, design.
3) The angels SANG😇😂!
So, thanks so much, but I'm KEEPING IT👏👏👏. Will order another soon!
You're awesome!"
~Sharon C
I could hardly wait to get to my mailbox!!!!!!!
This is the coolest bracelet I now have in my collection ( and I have LOTS!!!!).
It is delicate yet substantial!!!!
The leather is beautiful!!!!!
I am in love and cannot wait to wear it and buy another one!!!!!
Using your guide gave me the perfect fit.
Thank you so much for the fast service and gorgeous bracelet.
~Carla J. E.
"Dear Customer Service,
I received my order to, which came in a very timely manner.
I absolutely love it!!💝💖😃
It is exactly what I had hoped for.
I will definitely spread the word. Absolutely the best quality I have seen and just beautiful!
Thank you!"
~Cynthia O
"You are just the best company I've ever dealt with.
I received my repaired bracelet today.
Absolutely beautiful!!!!
I appreciate how accommodating you were because I couldn't mail it back right away.
It looks gorgeous and I will be buying another for a necklace.
Thank you, Lizzy, you're the greatest !!!!!!"
~Sandy L
"I received my order and omg I love them.
They are both beautiful and I have got to have more!!!
They are more beautiful than pictures.
They fit perfectly and look so pretty on my wrist. Thanks"
~Diane B
"Just wanted to let your company know I LOVE MY BRACELET!
From the moment I received it I was in heaven. Thank you for your company!
I will be placing another order this weekend.
Love it so much!"
A. Pettersen
"Hi - I just received my Mini Addison Braided Wrap in Silverplate - and I LOVE IT already!
It's my first Lizzy James piece, and probably not my last:)
It's so nicely made and comfortable to wear, I just may never take it off - just kidding!
Keep up the great work!
~Laurie C
"Dear Shierie
Thank you for the suggestions.
I watched the video on how to do the knots. I am amazed.
I tried with one of my bracelets. It works wonderful.
So, it is so true that LJ bracelets are so creative.
You can almost do anything with it.
I am so pleased with the way how the designs goes.
Thank you"
~Kristi Lee
"Just opened my package. Love my bracelet!!
So glad I found you. Great look and so unique.
Will order more, as time goes on. I appreciate the inspiration behind the brand.
Hope all is well now. Thanks so much!" 
~Susan H
just wanted to say that I love your bracelets!!! Purchased 2 already and I am so happy with them!
They look so pretty on my wrist!!! And I want some more, like new design, Risa!
So, you will hear from me soon!
I'm surprised that so far you didn't ask me for a review of bracelets I bought, i'll be happy to say how satisfied I am!!!
Thank you,"
"Just wanted you to know that I received my bracelet and it is more beautiful even then I imagined it would be.
I already have the Paris and love it but this is a little heavier and I love it.
You were also right on with the sizing.
I got the Paris in a Petite and love it but got this one is a small and it works perfect with the little heavier bracelet.
I love them both and hope to do more business with you.
Keep up the awesome work you all do!
Thank you again for my two beautiful bracelets,"
~Debbie T
"You have a customer for life! I love my new bracelet!
Got the Friendship one and wore it today to work.
I have recieved many compliments on it.
Thank you!"
~Pam P

"I got a pop-up email from you where I got a free bracelet if I paid full price for one.
So I bought a hot pink braided one. I love it!
I love how the leather is different shades of pink instead of a solid color.
And I love my Classic 3 I got for free! Thank you!"
"Wow!! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! Now I know why I love
ordering from you. What wonderful service. And on top of that you give to
others. You just made my day. Thanks," 
~Lee G

"I just recevied my order and want to let you know that I am absolutely THRILLED with your quality and service.
The free bracelet I received is a perfect match for the dog paw charm I ordered (which I was going to put on my other bracelet)
I was so excited that I just ordered three more charms. Thank you."
~Sharon H
"I just got my bracelet, its the best bracelet I have had in years!
I have a large wrist, and so hard to find one that fits correctly!
Thank you"
~Cathy R
Thank you. I have been impressed with your level of customer service.
I can tell you I found out about your company on Facebook as someone posted praise about your company.
My experience has been all positive and I am someone who does not do order to many items on line.
The made in America was one of the reasons I decided to purchase a bracelet for my daughter – she loves it.
Thank you,"
"Hello again!
This is Donna and I wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one that created the perfect detail of my bracelet...I LOVE IT!
At one time I worked in a factory doing assembly work so I can appreciate the work that you put into your creations!
I hope that my husband adds your website to his favorites!"
~Donna S
"I had a problem with the wrong charm being attached to one of the bracelets I ordered.
I notified you, and you sent me a replacement.
I just wanted to thank you for being so good about rectifying this in time for me to give the bracelet for Christmas, and for attaching a clip that let me attach the charm.
You went above and beyond to help, and I really appreciated it.
My daughters absolutely love the bracelets. Thank you." 
~Richard and Janet
"I just want to thank you all for getting my grandaughter's gift here for their visit to us right befor Christmas.
It meant so much to me. Thank you all. She loved it."
~Mike C
I received my order on Saturday, much sooner than I expected.
Thank you so much for adding the adorable earrings.
That was such a wonderful surprise! I love them!
Also, love the bracelets and excited to give them to a couple close friends for upcoming birthdays!
You’ll definitely hear from me again soon!"
"I absolutely LOVE your jewelry.
Just received my 2nd bracelet and added a soccer and football and paw.
LOVE IT!!!!! Put it on face book. Do you have lacrosse stick charms and did you ever think about # charms?
I have 2 sons 4 years apart and they were both 14 for soccer and 55 for football.
I think this would be great can also be used for birthdays.
Thank you"
~Maura M
"My sister's words were absolutely unique and incredibly beautiful she's never seen anything like it and she loved it so much
she went on your website and signed up.
I took her to an event on Saturday the day after her birthday at least 20 people stopped her and asked her where she got it
and she wore it as a necklace not a bracelet.
Lizzy James was mentioned at least 20 times that night.
We will definitely be back to your website again and I would recommend it to anybody that I meet and
I'll bet money that at least 20 people from that night will be visiting your website as well.
Thank you so much.
Customer service was excellent and delivery was right on time.
We love you !!!!" 
~Deb G
"I think Lizzy has become an addiction!
I make much of my own jewelry as a hobby and really admire her for her savvy and creativity.
I love, love, LOVE the simple chic of her styles and have 4 already and heading for my fifth.
The metallic Moroccan red leather is gorgeous and goes with everything.
And I LOVE that everything is artisan made in the U.S.
You go, Lizzy! I'll be going along right with you!" 
~Maria F
"To everyone who works with Lizzy James I just want to say thank you so much for getting my order delivered
one day before her birthday you all did a fantastic job and I really appreciate all of you.
Thank you"
~Debra G
"I love my bracelets from Lizzy James! I received my first bracelet and had to have a second!
I'm going to get the earrings next! I know what I'm going to buy the special girls in my life for Christmas!
Yep, Lizzy James bracelets/necklaces!"
~Kathy F
"Thank you so much for the discount code and the prompt response.
I can't brag enough about your jewelry and I will be buying more for myself and for Christmas presents.
Thank you again."
"Like many other reviewers, when I received this in the mail it looked so nice that I wanted to get another one!
My wrists are very small so I ordered the tiny size.
Most bracelets are huge on me but finally, one that doesn't flop around on my arm.
The tiny sits just below my wrist bone and moves an inch or two when I move my arm.
Nice quality and fast delivery.
I will definitely be purchasing from the new 2016 fall collection. Great work, Lizzy!"
"that is absolutely wonderful ... i support any company that has such marvelous charitable ambitions.
i am an animal rescuer from way back and would love to have my own no kill shelter ...
i will be ordering Christmas presents from you for sure.
thanks so much for what you do. it means the world to me"
~Melanie C
"Hi Lizzy, A note to let you know how much I enjoy your designs.
Visited the Azul store in Durango CO and was immediately drawn to your jewelry.
Bought two pieces - one to be used for a necklace and the other works fantastically for both a necklace or bracelet.
So glad I found your designs. Will recommend your work to all my friends! All the best," 
~Teddie B
"STOP IT GIRLFRIEND!!...great and helpful suggestions, prompt and friendly customer service, discount and free shipping,
moved to the front of the queue, beautiful jewelry, new bracelet arriving TUESDAY!!...have I died and gone to heaven with this company???
Thanks are a delight and a blessing and made my day!
I'll be back and bring friends..."
"Hi there!!
I DID receive my order and I just wanted to say how fabulous these bracelets are!!
I love them and I know my daughter will love her birthday gift. I got her the elephant charm bracelet.
I'm so glad I stumbled upon your jewelry, Lizzie and company. I will share it with my friends.
Thank you all for your amazing talents and hard work.
~Lisa M
"I want to thank-you, so much, for giving me the 15% discount, even though, I did not put the code in the space.
I like doing business with people, who are willing to be reasonable, when a customer makes a mistake, and honors their request.
You now have a loyal customer, who will shop with you again, and will refer my friends, to your website, thank-you"
~Barbara S
I just want to take this time to tell you that I love your bracelets.
I have purchased several for myself and my daughters.
I used to be crazy about the Alex and Ani bracelets.
I have several of those but really love yours. Just wanted to let you know.
Also your customer service is exemplary.
Thank you for making such a great product in the USA.
I look forward to buying more in the future.
~Denise D
"Read my email,panicked then went to get mail and LO AND BEHOLD!
There was my new purchase. You guys are awesome!!
Besides that - the bracelets are to die for!
I wear 2 cuff bracelets ALL the time and the 2 that I already had and now this one are GREAT.
They all go well with each other.
I am soooo happy with my purchases and delivery ain't too shabby either.
Will definitely be getting more but I think I said that last time too. Anyway,thanks a bunch!!
A returning SATISFIED customer,"
~Trenie A
"I absolutely love my bracelet I wear it everyday.
I viewed it online for several months and saved up enough to finally get it...on sale too awesome.
i wear it for good luck with my Mother's Day gift a Detroit Tigers bracelet.
Then they went in an 8 game winning streak. So I'd like to keep looking fabulous."
~Kelly K
"Just received my 2nd bracelet and absolutely love it!
I have super skinny wrists and have never found a bracelet that fits correctly, even other wrap styles.
Your size "tiny" is perfect with just a right amount of slack. The design is genius!
Just wanted to tell you how excited I am to find your jewelry." 
~Cara PS: Customer Service and shipping time is excellent, too.
"Hi, Deborah,
I wanted to let you know I just received my Sterling Lizzy Classic 4 Strand bracelet & am delighted with it!
It's a bit more delicate than I had anticipated which is perfect as I'm used to wearing my 10mm David Yurman cable classic bracelet.
This is refreshingly light weight - feels as if you have nothing on your wrist which is very liberating!
The sterling crescents are lovely & I adore the Bronze Metallic leather! The sizing is perfect - thanks for the detailed measuring instructions!
Love it so much I just ordered another!!! Can't wait until it arrives!
Thank everyone in production & shipping - it was a treat to receive an order within 2 days of placing it!
And I am still very interested in learning when the new Heather Sterling bracelets become available for sale - will probably order two Heather 2 Strands!
Best Regards," 
~Diane W

Thank You for your EXCELLENT service.
Updates on my order of the April bracelet with tree of life were perfect and the bracelet is amazing and lovely."
~M. Buckner
"Hi! So I just received my order. And I LOVE this thing!!!! Really!!!
It is just like the picture!
And I received it very quickly. I will "show it off" and refer friends!!
Thank you!"
~Vicki C
"Just want to say I received my bracelet quickly and I just LOVE it!
I kept seeing your ad on FB and every time I saw it I would say to myself, I love these bracelets!
Now I have one. So stylish and I like how light weight it is!
I got one for my daughter as well for her upcoming birthday. Can't wait to give it to her!
Satisfied customer!" 
~Elaine H
"It does, Krystal. Thank you so much!
I was delighted at a 4th of July party.
I was standing in line wearing my LJ bracelet with a dragonfly when someone whom I didn’t know asked, “Is that a Lizzy James bracelet?”
Icebreaker! I love that bracelet.
I have worn it both as a necklace and gotten complements and now the bracelet."
~Janet W
"So happy!! You and your team know how to run a business.
So appreciate all the love and finishing touches that is put into MY bracelet.
So special!!
Thank you!!!!"
~Karen L
"Thank you SO much!!! The bracelet is stunning!!!
This is my first Lizzy James- everything has been the best experience!
The color- mettalic golden sun- is exactly what I imagined it would be- the perfect Summer color!
The charms are the perfect size and weight. The two strand is a great choice, it is substantial in the space it takes on my arm.
The fit is exactly what customer service suggested for me to get.
The bracelet makes me very happy~ I can't wait to get another, and another :)"
~Barbara P
"I just received my first bracelet and love it!
The order was processed quickly and customer service was great - even when I needed to make a change after finding the wrist sizing chart (it would be helpful if that displayed more prominently on the website.
I didn't find the wrist sizes chart until I was trying to find a way to contact you from the list at the bottom of the page).
I love the tree of life charm. I'm sure I'll be ordering more including for gifts!
How about some musical charms like a treble clef and bass clef and maybe some notes?
Maybe a guitar? Piano? They would be huge sellers I think - just in my family alone!
The discount was a great incentive for me to try my first order and I'm glad I did!
Thank you."
~Rhonda S
"Dear Jessica,
Very cool! You took care of it already!
That was so nice of you!
I SO love everything Lizzie James! The bracelet is my birthday present to me!
I've been waiting a while to order, this sale and free shipping offer was just what I needed!
I ordered the Tree of Life charm for my sister who was looking over my shoulder and kept saying, "please, please" :)
Thanks for you help!"
~Barbara P
"I have 4 Lizzy Necklaces - yes I wear all of mine as necklaces and get TONS of compliments.
I especially love this Kristy. I have it with the Navy leather and wear it alot with my jeans.
My mom has now asked for one for her birthday.
I bought my first one when Lizzy was just starting out and I lived in La Jolla.
Now I live in Texas and have started a fad here. None of mine have shown any real wear and tear and I have worn one of them a ton for years and years.
I think it was one of her first designs.
I can't wait to get my order."
"I can't wait to get my order.
It's my third bracelet/necklace. I gave my lst black one to somebody
as a gift and then I wasn't able to get black at the
time to replace it and bought brown. I've been
wishing for my black one, so now I'll have one.
They are the coolest!
Thank you!"
~Sam A
"I already have a black/silver one. I'm collecting to match different outfits!
Get more complements on this then any other piece of jewelry I wear and I wear alot of silver.
Silpada, Pandora, Alex & Ani, Dixi from Europe, and a bunch of items I get while at bike shows, etc.
I have shared your link with many a friends in the state of VA. :-)
Thanks much!"
~Stephanie M. S
"WOW, received my bracelet today as I was getting ready to go to my granddaughter's graduation so I was so tickled to get to wear it there!
I absolutely love it and I'll be ordering another one I'm sure. It is made very well and is one of the prettiest bracelets I own.
thanks again for shipping it so quickly, that was a plus for me :)" 
~Donna N
"I had ordered this bracelet in a med. and it was too small for me. Loved it so much that I was willing to
pay the extra $15.00 to send it back and get a large. I love it!! The Lizzy James people where absolutely
the nicest people to work with. I will definately order another later. Good quality, and Super service!
Thank you!!!!"
~Linda S
"LOVE, LOVE LOVE! I just received my first order from you; Lizzy Too 6 Strand and the Dragonfly bracelets.
First let me tell you I LOVE them. I am thrilled that they are made here in the USA.
I love the story behind your company. The bracelets are beautiful and very trendy.
I've been receiving compliments all morning long! I wore them both as bracelets, however I did try them both as a necklace and was actually both surprised and thrilled with how they looked.
The pieces are so wearable and comfortable. I will be back for more both for myself and as fabulous gifts for friends and family!
I have two people in mind that have really tiny wrists and have difficulty finding bracelets that fit.
I love how these are custom made and come in many sizes!"
~Kerry M
"I wanted to leave a testimonial, but didn't see where I could.
I make my own jewelry but came across your design on Facebook.
OMG I could not resist!! And your prices are amazing. Especially taking into account what I would pay to make my own.
I LOVE my dragonfly bracelet so much that I had to order 2 more. Lucky and Daisy. And I just read your mission statement and was blown away.
Additionally, thank you for being so amazing. I measured my wrist incorrectly and had to send my bracelet back.
The turnaround to receive it again was amazingly fast. Now, I'm patiently waiting for my other bracelets that I cannot wait to show off.
Your jewelry is amazing!!!!!"
~Donna L
"I just received my first jewelry order from Lizzy James.....and I could not be more pleased.
I am going to keep one pair of earrings for myself....and the bracelet and second pair of earrings are graduation gifts.
Thank you for such beautiful work! I look forward to ordering again soon!"
~Connie H
"I purchased this bracelet, along with the Mini Ginger and Misty.
LOVE them all!! Did not expect to like it as a necklace, but was very pleasantly is very cute.
I never write reviews, but I had to write this. If you are considering ordering something, don't hesitate.
You won't regret it. This was my first Lizzy James purchase....with many more to come. The hardest part is choosing my favorites.
Oh....and I received my order very quickly....ordered Monday, arrived Saturday....from CA to MI!
Cannot say enough great things. Lizzy James, you have definitely found your calling. God Bless."
~Laurie M
"First and foremost, outstanding customer service! I had several questions as a first time shopper, and the staff were patient, informative, and FAST with responses!
They worked with me on a special needs request, and made me feel like a highly valued customer even before I purchased - thank you abundantly!

The bracelet is beautiful - exceeds my expectations! This particular one has a bit of the bohemian flare, which I adore, and it is an eye-catcher!
People stop me when I'm out and about to admire the bracelet and ask for the shop information.
Very high quality, and clearly above and beyond the usual department store costume jewelry - something that I would have admired and purchased from a jeweler.
As a side note, I have had carpel tunnel surgery and have lingering problems with my fine motor skills - I am delighted that I can easily negotiate putting the bracelet on and off without need for my husband's assistance - the lobster clasp is secure and very manageable .

I highly recommend the product and the people! I will be a repeat customer!
Thank you for your assistance, support, patience, and GORGEOUS bracelet!"
~Kandie C
"Just received my bracelet. It is SO stunning. Much nicer than on the website.
Huge plus – I only ordered it on Monday and it arrived in time for my trip!!
Where would you like me to write a review?
Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!" 
~Lisa S
"Dear Shierie,
Holy Smokes that was a fast reply. Lizzy James has exceeded my expectations!
Although your latest action wasn’t necessary, it is certainly appreciated.
I was already telling everyone I know about your products, and will certainly continue to do so.
I will definitely be shopping with you again.
~Deirdre M
"Received my new bracelet, yesterday, & LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.
The plain clasp, the metallic bronze leather with silver & 5 strands - AWESOME!
Service could not have been more accommodating with an exchange & the "new & improved version" is exactly what I was hoping for.
I'm now planning on my next one - so hard to decide ... but, I will!
Lovelle B
"This was my first bracelet from Lizzy James and I love it. It is exactly as presented on the website and wraps beautifully.
I got pink as I wear so much, and the combination with silver is gorgeous.
I appreciate that it is made in the US.
I will definitely order more!"
~Carolyn H
"My mom just sent me the most beautiful bracelet for Mother's Day. I am in awe of your work and love your story.
I LOVE my bracelet and am so grateful that there are artists like you in this world.
I can't wait to send my daughter her first Lizzy James bracelet when she gets older.
Thank you.
~Smeeta M
"Dear Lizzy James:
I received my bracelet today and was compelled to tell you: honestly I was surprised at just how much I loved it seeing it in person.
I could NOT be more pleased!! I'm having a very bad day and this was the shining bright spot....I couldn't wait and put it right on!
It's so pretty, true to what I saw on the website, easy to put on, a good price, weightless and so, so comfortable to wear.
I'll be back, I'm going to start saving up for a necklace, or maybe (thank you for the discount card) I'll have to have another bracelet before I get to that.
Thanks for a great handmade American product that more than lives up to its billing! Sincerely," 
"LOVE your designs and your story!
As someone who has been the jewelry biz for 30 years--starting in retail, teaching gemology at GIA and all
the stuff are such a breath of fresh air!
P.S. do you have any retailer or sales venue in Raleigh/Durham?
I live in downtown Raleigh."
~Barbara V
"Hi Lizzy and company
I love, love, love your beautiful bracelets. They are so very creative, easy to put on, easy to wear and
just plain wonderful. I ordered one and was so impressed when it arrived that I ordered two more.
Thank you for sharing your talent!!
Feel free to use my message as a customer testimonial.
Keep your designs coming - I'm adding you to my favorites.
Thanks again," 
~Janice Whitlow
"Thank you so much for your wonderful service in getting my missing Sun Trio charms to me.
I received them already and my bracelet looks FABULOUS!!
I've always loved bracelets but never ended up actually wearing them much because they felt heavy and annoying.
My Lizzy James bracelets are so easy to wear, and even 2 together are light as a feather.
I will be ordering another soon.
Thanks again," 
~Kathy P
"I just received my Ginger Silver plate that I inquired about earlier today. I absolutely love it!!!!!
You have a customer for life now. It was beautifully packaged. I can't wait to order some as gifts also.
Thank you Lizzy James."
~Ruth L
"I just want to say thank you for helping me find the perfect bracelet for my
girlfriend .... I'm not just talking about the wide selection of bracelet but
also the very helpful service from Shiri...For a typical dude like me, she made the whole process so easy .. I wanted to buy my girlfriend a wrap ( cheapest) but end up buying 3 bracelets instead of one ...$256... phew lol ( hoping for more discount next time )...
thanks for making everything crystal clear... they look fantastic to me and i hope my gf likes them too. I'm already spreading the word to my family members. Thanks again!" 
"I absolutely love my new bracelet! The only "problem "is I have been on a
medically supervised weight loss program, and I have lost over 50 pounds in just
a few months. Therefore, I need a size medium in my bracelet. The large I
originally ordered is going to be too big to enjoy with an appropriate fit.
Thank you for creating such a lovely product, and I look forward to receiving an
RMA number in order to make an exchange. I understand there is a $15
fee to exchange. I will include a check with the bracelet to exchange.
Thank you," 
~Beth B
I have ordered two bracelets from you. I love them and feel like a walking
spokesperson for you! I have three friends that I showed them too and each one
ordered from you within the past month. I have my eye on another and would really appreciate discount Of perhaps 50 %. I am sure you are chuckling but I belong to lots of clubs and know so many women that would love your jewelry. I wear them well!!
Big Fan,"
~Nancy B
"I just wanted to write and let you know how much I love your wrap bracelets.
I was wearing the first one I purchased today, its called Paris and my sister loved it so much I gave it to her.
I had ordered it a little too big because I was too lazy to actually measure my wrist so it fit her perfectly as her wrists are slightly larger than mine.
I have since measured my own wrist and have placed orders for not one but two bracelets which I love!
I just wanted you to know.
~Brenda D
"Lizzy, I got my 2 new bracelets today. Thank makes 4!! I just wanted to tell you how beautiful they are. I won’t be able to stop until I have them up to my elbows on both arms. LOL I am getting addicted to these wonderful bracelets like some people do with tattoos. Thank you so much for making these with love and care. I can feel it as soon as I get it on my wrist.
Thank you again for taking the time to make something of such beauty and allowing me to show them off."
~Barbara A
"Just received the first one this morning and LOVE IT!!!!!
Had to have a second one with some bling on it!!!!
Keep the 25% coming, it makes it very affordable for all of us that love your designs." 
~Maria B
"I am now the proud owner of my seventh Lizzy James bracelet.
I got this one because I'm slightly nuts about my dogs, and I thought it would make a fun, casual bracelet to wear with jeans.
It is fun, makes a nice "tinkly" sound as it slides around my wrist, and looks great. I was wrong about the casual thing though - it looks so nice, I'd wear it with anything!
This bracelet is perfect - just the right amount of silver, right amount of cord, and enough beads and charms to give it great appeal.
Highly recommended!"
~Sheila D
"Your customer service is outstanding!! You have a customer of life and will promote your company!!
Thank you again"
~Wendy K
"I like to mix gold and silver. And I like mixing my bracelets. Which do you recommend? I'm a little
Concerned because I've already orders so many! But I already want more!"
~Sandra H
"Just got this bracelet in the metallic gunmetal color.
It is so cute and delicate. Now I am waiting for the Daisy one to wear together.
Thank you for making these unusual bracelets"
"This was my first Lizzy James bracelet. I ordered it with the metallic gold leather as I wanted the mixed metals look, and it's perfect.
It could be just a tad smaller--I have a tiny wrist and ordered a small, but I think I'm a petite.
It's not so large that I can't wear it, though. It's very lightweight and comfortable.
I've already ordered another style, and I can see how these can become addictive!"
~Donna L
"Just got my first one today and love the feel and look.
It doesn't get in the way nor is it uncomfortable to my wrist when I work on the computer.
I'm ready to buy more. Absolutely love it!!!!"
"I make jewelry myself. Lizzy's work is absolutely amazing. Beautifully handcrafted and unique.
Shipping is fast and comes beautifully packaged. Treat yourself!!!
You will not regret your purchase here. Love...Lizzy!"
~Linda C
"Another wonderful bracelet from Lizzy James. I already own about 7 of them.
Ordered this one in "Marocan red leather " and I love it.
The bracelet is pretty and very charming. It seems that it attracts attention right away because I get a lot of compliments.
Loving it!
Definitely recommending the bracelets.
Thank you Miss Lizzy James!" 
~Maya K
"Just received my bracelet today. I LOVE it! Can't wait to wear it out so everyone can see it.
I have MS and my hands don't always cooperate. The large clasp makes it so easy.
Thank you so much."
"I bought the Double Love with Hammered Heart Charm which can be worn as a necklace or a bracelet and I love it!
First off, I have a very small wrist and it's difficult for me to
find bracelets that fit appropriately and don't overwhelm my wrist.
But with the system they have designed to measure your wrist, it
works perfectly. It is equally wonderful as a necklace.
I recommend you treat yourself to one of Lizzy's designs. You won't
be sorry." 
~Melinda B

"Dear Lizzy James,
I just LOVE my Mini Infinity bracelet. As a matter of fact I purchased 4 heart charms to adorn it.
We talked on the phone because the one I ordered was not available and you helped me choose another one in it's place.
Well, I wasn't sure about sizing and so it appears that my bracelet is to large and slides off my wrist.
I need it to be sized down. Is this possible? I surely hope so. I'm afraid to wear it for fear of losing it.
PLEASE HELP! *I am on your testimonial page praising my purchase as I was overwhelmed with excitement when I got it. Thank you!" 
~Cheryl L
"I received it so quickly after I ordered it - and I must tell you that it truly has exceeded my expectations.
It is beautiful, lightweight and lovely.
I typically cannot wear bracelets at work due to working on the computer,
digging around in boxes and big books etc but this beautiful bracelet is perfect and doesn't drive me crazy like many bracelets have in the past.
I did not think I could stand wearing a bracelet at work UNTIL I tried this one."
~Brenda from LA
"Hi ..My friends warned me not to buy jewelry on the internet, but they were wrong....I called your customer service and you delivered on its promise.
You folks are honest and fourth lizzy wrap arrived yesterday(two of them are gift) and thank you so much for all of them.
I'll be sending allot of people your way...I have few more questions regarding jewelry I forgot to ask yesterday...firstly how do I take care of my wraps as I don't want them to loose the color...
and I was wondering as you sell jewelry if you could help me with some tips what is the best way to care for and clean gold jewelry?
Thank you," 
"I just received my necklace/bracelet and wanted to let you know that I love it!
I had been leaning towards purchasing one of your creations, but I have to say that after I read your story, it pushed me off the fence to go ahead and make the purchase.
I went through breast cancer last year and I loved hearing that you were able to brave a new and seemingly successful path.
If all your customers are as pleased as I am, then your future is secure! Best wishes." 
~Melinda B
"Awesome! Thank you.
I suspect this will be the first of many orders – my wife LOVES your jewelry."
~Dave W
"Received my 3rd LIzzy James bracelet yesterday; I love, love, LOVE these bracelets.
They are beautiful and I have received many compliments on them.
Thank you so much!"
~Janice G
"Hi I could not have been more pleased with the experience with Lizzy James sales rep Sherry.
She patiently collaborated with my husband ensuring exactly the bracelet as i wanted.
I have never seen a more beautiful wrap!
The customer service was second to none-lizzy has earned another customer for life.
Good luck you all! Thank you again."
~Cathy K
"This is my second bracelet (in a month or so) :) And it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
I got it with black - but I'm guessing every color would be gorgeous!
I had been looking for something with both silver and gold colors..........and this MORE than fits the bill!
I am SOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I discovered Lizzy James! :)" 
~Nancy M